About Us

Cinderella Dress Fairy project was founded beginning of 2019 by Martina Sallaum, having dresses hanging in her closet that she doesn’t use anymore with the thought why would you have a dress dusting in your closet forever, while there is someone who dreams to wear it only once. She wanted to give the same joy she had found in them to other girls.

Our Concept

We give away free evening dresses for rent

  • In Lebanon people are overwhelmed with many events like weddings and engagements, every girl deserves to attend and shouldn't have to give it up just because they can’t afford it.
  • We from CDF make sure everyone can attend. Even the girls, who would not be able to go because they don’t have the resources to get an evening dress for the occasion. All they have to do is stop by and pick a dress.
  • Our aim is to make this a joyful experience and put a smile on every girls face when she leaves our door.

How it Works

Let us know when you want to stop by for a dress fitting, pick your dream dress and return it after your event. As easy as that!


Contact us via Instagram DM, Whatsapp or E-Mail to set up an appointment when it best fits you to stop by our store to try on the dresses.


Pick out the dress you desire to wear to your event and book it for your date. The whole rental period is normally around 3 days.


After your event just stop by the shop to return your worn and uncleaned dress, we will take care of the dry cleaning process for you.

Please Donate Dresses!

We need more dresses so more girls can be made happy!
If you have old evening dresses that you don’t wear anymore, why don’t make it a big blessing for someone else?
Think about how excited you are, when you get a new dress for any event. Why not make this joy possible for all the girls?

Contact Us

We are located in Jdita, Bekaa
Sallaum Humanity Foundation Office - 1st Floor - Sallaum Building, behind Center Al Ghazali, facing De La Grace Pharmacy.

03 00 23 79      [email protected]
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